Code 2 Assignments - Spring 2016

Week 1 - Handless Tron Clock
Week 2 - Surrealist Text Generator
Week 3 - Scrambling Web Text Editor
Week 4 - Keylogger / Analyzer Emulator
Week 5 - Improved Keylogger / Analyzer Emulator
Week 6 - Text Analyzer / Visualizer
Week 7 - Who Got Hacked On Twitter?



For my final, I created an interactive experience in Unity3D. I started conceptualizing the idea when I was thinking about the way we navgiate web content today as opposed to 5 or even 10 years ago. It seems like the "novelty" aspect of the Internet has worn off, and now online content has become too oversaturated. You don't really browse the web nowadays, looking for random, cool, and most of all, obscure content anymore; everything's streamlined and designed with sleek mobile-friendly interfaces now. When the process of navigating the web itself becomes redundant, finding new content becomes a chore, and so "internet exploring" seems like less of an thing.

I'm very much into space exploration and space aesthetics. I liked the idea of exploring a universe of planets virtually, and thought the experience could be a compelling and unique way of browsing web content if the planets themselves were populated with digital content.

In Space Explorer, planets are procedurally and randomly generated at startup every time (As of now, the number is coded to 500 planets). Each planet runs the same script that gets a Text Mesh in Unity and data from URL links (All from, one of the oldest and still strongest directories for interesting web content). There are over a hundred links now, and more will be added. Each text mesh randomly selects one link from the array and displays the downloaded text. You move the camera with 'WSAD' keys and can press shift to accelerate, and you are able to actually somewhat land on the planets and explore their terrains. Also, the floating texts glitter like actual stars in the distance, which is a nice effect.

In the future, I'd like the planets to be generated based on user direction and input, so that the universe is infinite. I'd also like to link online content from social media and news sources, so that content is dynamic and updated in real-time. I'd also like to organize planets by sections in the universe based on content, and have further things to explore on the planets themselves.

Play it online here, but the online content can't be downloaded in the compiled version for some reason!