is it all i am all it is

a one-sided conversation about me

to you.


Last updated on March 5th, 2017

Eden is an interactive fiction game with a morality-based storyline, incorporated with Emoter, the chatbot, to use conversations as the player interaction to drive the branching narrative. Currently the game is built entirely in Python, and played through a command line interface. An online website to play the game will be created as part of my final thesis demo. Eden will also be open-sourced further on.

The game begins with a someone named Charles waking you, and asking you what you were thinking about. The only player interaction is what you say to Charles. As your conversation develops, the story unfolds and character actions are done and described automatically. This is meant to be a story driven by the visual imagery of the writing, as well as the dialog.

You can choose to continue questioning why you're here and what you're doing, or you can just follow along with what Charles says to a game end. You can also refuse to go with Charles. There are four paths to four possible endings.

Eden keeps track of things you said in the game as items, and thus is able to be a branching narrative with different paths, because the Charles technically does have some basic memory of the conversation.